This combined office and warehouse facility was fully operational during the 2015 roof replacement project.  The existing ballasted EPDM roof assembly (consisting of washed river rock ballast, EPDM membrane and 4.5” of rigid insulation) was removed to the structural steel decking. The approximate 68 tons of river rock ballast was removed from the site and recycled.

The new 20 year warranted roofing system was installed consisting of 2” rigid insulation mechanically attached to the steel decking, 2” rigid insulation and a gypsum overlayment board adhered in foam adhesive and a fully adhered felt back thermoplastic membrane.  New sheet metal copings and accessories were also installed.

The owner accepted a proposed alternate to install a fluid applied water repellent to the exterior masonry walls and replace all elastomeric vertical control joints and exterior perimeter window sealants.  The project was successfully completed under budget, on schedule and with no accidents or injuries.