Matthews Operations – Drainage Renovation Project

A destructive investigation identified several sources of moisture infiltration which were contributing to increased moisture levels beneath the existing concrete floor slab of this facility. The contributing sources were grading around the building was directing water towards the building, defects in the masonry veneer wall system was allowing water to collect in the wall cavity and lack of below grade waterproofing was allowing water to flow through foundations and beneath the floor slab. The scope of work that our team…

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Cowans Ford Hydro Powerhouse Deck Waterproofing

REI Construction Services, Inc. managed the engineering services and construction for the removal and replacement of the powerhouse deck of a large hydroelectric dam facility. Previous field investigations identified failing expansion and sealant joints, failing wall and penetration / curb flashings and the deterioration of the existing waterproofing membrane and concrete topping slab that was allowing water intrusion in numerous areas. The project scope included the removal of the existing concrete topping slab and waterproofing membrane and the installation of…

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