REI Construction Services, Inc. was retained to manage the roof replacement project consisting of multiple roof sections totaling approximately 42,000 square feet. The combination office, laboratory and testing facility was fully operational throughout the project duration.

Prior to the commencement of work, the building was positively pressurized to mitigate the potential of odor migration into the building.  The pressurization was achieved utilizing both mechanical alteration of the existing HVAC dampers, exhaust fans, air intakes and the installation of temporary HVAC units to provide fresh air circulation into the facility.  Poly sheeting was installed as interior protection means at all open ceiling areas to capture any potential displacement of underdeck dust, paint flakes or other foreign debris.

The project scope consisted of the removal of all of the various existing roof assemblies to the structural decking.  New rigid insulation comprised of R-values to meet current building code were installed both via mechanical attachment and low rise foam adhesive methods.

A new granular surfaced two ply torch applied modified bitumen roof system was installed. Three existing skylights were removed and replaced with new high- impact skylight assemblies.  Perimeter fall protection system was installed to aid in safe access of the roof areas. New sheet metal flashings and accessories were installed to provide a 20 year warranted system.

The project was successfully completed on schedule and with no accidents or injuries.