This combined office and warehouse facility was fully operational during the 2016 pavement replacement project. All areas of the existing asphalt pavement with the exception of one entrance / exit drive lane were replaced. Two areas of pavement were specified for full depth reclamation (FDR).

FDR employs a process of removing the existing asphalt and blending it with the existing stone base. This method creates a recycled usable base for the new surface asphalt installation. A new concrete pad was poured to provide additional parking for heavy equipment vehicles. New concrete curbing was installed at various gravel to pavement transitions and the existing gravel lot was reconditioned by regrading and the addition of new stone. Due to the large area of construction activity taking place, a new manual gate was installed in the existing perimeter fencing to accommodate access for site occupants. All asphalt millings and concrete waste were recycled during the project. This project was completed with zero accidents or injuries.